All about curved TVs

The televisions of the future

Curved TVs have the advantage of more effectively maintaining their brightness, regardless of viewing angle. Stylish and modern, they’ll add an appreciable futuristic touch to your living room.

Film buffs know full well that the screen in a movie theatre is curved to allow all the spectators to enjoy the same vision quality regardless of where they sit. Curved TV screens offer the same advantage.

A curvaceous screen

With a better viewing angle, your guests can enjoy an unimpaired television experience no matter where they’re sitting. In addition, people directly facing the screen will feel a more striking immersive effect due to the curve of the screen.

The shape of the screen allows for viewers to be equidistant, whether they are positioned at one end of the TV or right in front of it. This increases everyone’s viewing comfort, and, at the same time, reduces eye strain.