All about recliners : Choose your comfort well

Relax with style

Synonymous with comfort, reclining sofas are now offered in a multitude of styles, features, and sizes as sectionals, loveseats, or armchairs. With a backrest higher than that of a regular sofa, they optimize comfort and some motorized models even have a wireless option that allows you to relax at the touch of a button. And with the absence of wires, this option is also aesthetically appealing. As for the battery, remember that once charged, it will last for about 150 openings/closings. Plus, some recliner models are available in condo (smaller) size, but are just as comfortable!

Let yourself rock

Do you like rocking? Discover our reclining armchairs with swivel base and over 200 choices of leather or fabric upholstery, as well as a wide variety of styles. Recliners can blend in harmoniously with any decor.
Contemporary, urban and refined, our vast selection of next-generation recliners is sure to charm, regardless of your style.