Choose the right vacuum cleaner

Introducing simplicity and tranquility!

Say hello to the new vacuum cleaners of tomorrow! Robot vacuum cleaners represent the future of cleanliness. Programmable and powerful on all types of surfaces, they allow you to vacuum less often since they are able to operate autonomously. Plus, a smartphone app allows you to start and control them remotely. Equipped with sensors to recognize walls, robot vacuums navigate an obstacle-free course and return to their charging terminal once the work is done.

More than practical, central vacuums are permanently installed and allow you to vacuum from one room to another thanks to hose connections in the walls. Without loss of suction, they permit coverage in the largest rooms. The accessory kit includes a flexible hose, hose cover, a combo brush, a swivelling floor brush, and six accessories.

You wanted flexible and powerful?

Canister vacuums can reduce allergens in the air by up to 99.97% thanks to their particular filter, and are often very quiet, unobtrusive, and powerful. Plus, certain accessories allow you to customize your canister vacuum to meet very specific home cleaning needs.

Upright vacuum cleaners are the flexibility pros when it comes to cleaning stairs and hard-to-reach spaces. Certain models integrate a cordless vacuum for you to clean the nooks and crannies of your car. Plus, several accessories help to optimize the power of your vacuum, including a motorized brush for carpets, a horsehair brush for ceramic and wood floors, and an extension to increase the vacuum’s reach.