For cooking, grilling, or broiling!

Hot innovations

Many years ago, microwave ovens made their way into most homes, revolutionizing cooking habits. Practical and taking up very little space, they allowed us to warm, defrost, and even cook food. Microwave features have since come a long way. Some models now have a feature that grills or broils dishes, while others make it possible to steam cook foods, thus preserving their nutrients and flavour.

Convection cooking

Convection microwaves offer the best of both worlds. They cook quickly, like microwaves, and can grill perfectly, like convection ovens. Armed with a heating element and a system that heats and circulates the air, they produce similar results to those of a convection oven. So you can brown your dishes, make them crispier, and even bake a delicious cake in a microwave oven!