Headphones : How to choose your headphones?

Ear opening

Headphones are perfect for isolating yourself from outside noise when you’re watching a movie, getting immersed in music through a sound system, or using a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. The wireless Bluetooth mode works via a terminal connected to the device, allowing you to move within a perimeter ranging from 50 to 200 metres, depending on the headphones. The base acts as a charger, and you can connect the headset with an auxiliary cable if your devices do not have Bluetooth technology.

There are two types of headphones. Earphones (placed in the ear) are appropriate for activities such as gardening and stationary biking, while closed earphones (which completely cover the ears) help you to completely get into a movie or music.

A range of characteristics

There is no content on television that can’t be improved by better sound. The RS5000 headphones, in addition to being lightweight, are very powerful and have multiple adjustments for a perfect listening experience. Set the headphones to your liking, forget the cables, and listen to your favourite shows with up to 12 hours of battery life.