How to choose a central vacuum?

The importance of Air Watts…

An Air Watt is a measurement unit that takes into account a vacuum’s airflow and power. The higher the Air Watts of the unit, the more efficiently the unit can cover a large area without losing suction power. Meanwhile, the air flow rate measures the amount of air that circulates every second inside the vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner with a bag will have a higher air flow rate than a vacuum cleaner without a bag. It is therefore preferable to choose a vacuum cleaner according to your type of floor, with carpets needing more power than wooden floors or tiles.

Moreover, the noise generated by a vacuum is among the most important criteria to consider, unless you plan to install the unit in a garage in which case this criterion is less of a concern. Although vacuums are quieter than ever, their noise level is still at about 75 decibels. You should also be aware that a 78-decibel unit will be twice as noisy as a 75-decibel unit. The quietest vacuum cleaners will produce about 67 decibels or less.

And of a filtration system

The efficiency of your central vacuum cleaner will depend on its filtration system. Make sure the filter is easy to handle and clean. In addition, whether or not you choose a high efficiency unit, remember that to be fully effective, a filter must be maintained or replaced regularly. Some advice? Unless your device is waterproof, be careful with water. Otherwise, moisture will damage the vacuum cleaner motor. Also make sure to change the bag immediately when it is full to allow your vacuum cleaner to maintain a good suction.