How to choose your coffee machine

Pods or ground coffee?

First, determine your family’s daily intake of coffee. If it’s less than six cups per day, then a pod machine is recommended. But, if you have over six coffees a day, it’s better to get a ground coffee machine because they are less expensive in terms of volume, making your machine more profitable. Some ground coffee models yield up to 20 coffees without overflowing. If you’re a stickler for coffee precision (proportion of water and/or milk in your coffee), several ground coffee machines allow you to create a completely tailor-made coffee, unlike a pod machine that is more easy to use, but less customizable.

A machine for every coffee lover!

Your beverage preferences will determine your machine choices because not all machines offer the same variety of coffee options. Model prices vary based on several factors, including water and ground coffee compartment size, integrated milk frother, and self-cleaning functions.

Certain user-friendly models even have touchscreens and memory functions to better personalize your beloved coffee. Also, when selecting your machine, just remember to consider the available space in your kitchen.