Learn everything about woods

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Wood is a noble material that adds a touch of natural warmth to your decor. In addition, it requires almost no processing before being placed on the market. Wood species all have different characteristics. There’s a wood that meets your needs based on hardness, grain, colour, and/or texture. The following are different types of wood that are found in the manufacture of furniture today.

Oak is a hardwood with beautiful appearence grooves. Used in the construction of house framing, but also for floors and cabinets, oak is distinguished by its high resistance to moisture.

Cherrywood, meanwhile, is a semi-hardwood used for furniture with natural finishes. Its fine veins and tight grain give it a noble and precious appearance.

Recognized for the fineness of its grain, pine is a soft and lightweight that resists all weather. Inexpensive and easy to work with, pine is used in the manufacture of rustic and country-style furniture.

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Noble and majestic, walnut is a relatively hardwood, with brownish reflections, which is used for the construction of libraries and prestigious offices.

A native of the great Amazon rainforest, hevea is an inexpensive light-coloured wood. Dense and robust, hevea is also an ecological wood, whose plantations are managed in the spirit of sustainable development.

Finally, acacia is another exotic wood end grain. Tough and durable, it projects golden highlights for a warm and welcoming effect.