Multi-use furniture

Diningor relaxing corner?

Whether it’s to relax or have a meal with friends outside, patio sets can accommodate all your needs. Outdoor sets are divided into two main categories: dining and relaxing. If you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of summer for outdoor dining, then an outdoor set with a table, chairs, and/or bench will satisfy your needs.

If you like to read, catch some vitamin D, or simply chill out with friends, you can opt for a relaxing outdoor set with comfy cushions and seats.

…Or both?

From these two categories were born multi-use furniture—sets designed both for dining and relaxing outside. If you have limited space, these sets are really worth considering. But before deciding, take the time to measure your space and define your needs, which includes choosing the frame. Aluminum frames are very resistant to different climatic conditions, as well as lighter than steel frames, which are cheaper. Lastly, a synthetic rattan surface is effectively resistant to the weather and sun.