Samsung QLED televisions

Intelligent and elegant

Samsung QLED televisions offer a number of unmatched vibrant colours, making just about everything you look more real and alive than ever. Did you know that the style of these televisions was completely redesigned? In fact, their tiny connection cable (only 1.8 mm!) facilitates installation and blends easily into your decor thanks to its smallness. Plus, the design of these televisions with their brushed metal back and delicate base will give your room a touch of elegance. In addition to being one of the fastest on the market, these smart TVs also give you access to a host of exciting applications, games, and content platforms such as Netflix.

… Including its remote control!

The remote control automatically connects to any compatible device connected to your television in order to facilitate control of all your electronics items.

The curved QLED television models allow you to always have an optimal viewing angle. In this way, every place in front of your TV becomes THE best place to watch your favorite movies or series since you won’t miss any of their breathtaking colours!