Samsung QLED televisions

More luminosity, colours, and realism

The new Samsung QLED 4K televisions redefine image quality to the extent that you won’t beleive your eyes! With their new Quantum dot technology, Samsung televisions virtually offer 100% of the colour spectrum and attain unequalled levels of brightness beyond 1500 nits (units of luminance). All aspects of image quality are enhanced with higher colour contrasts and incredibly black blacks. In addition, Samsung’s QLED panel technology protects the image from light, enlarging the viewing angle of the device. This allows you to have a first-class viewing experience wherever you are in the room. This way, you’ll always have the best seat in the house.

An extraordinary visual experience

Three anti-reflective layers allow you to get deeper blacks than on conventional televisions with a technology that minimizes reflections from external light sources. You’ll be able to perceive the tiniest details in a dark scene without being inconvenienced by room lighting. Plus, you’ll have access to lots of applications directly integrated in the TV, like Netflix and YouTube. Lastly, its brand-new design will add a distinctive and refined touch to your room with its brushed metal back and 1.8 mm transparent connection cable. In addition, all the devices connected to the discreet One Connect box can be controlled by the Samsung remote… so, goodbye to tangled wires and multiple remotes!