The Protopoli treatment

A brilliant idea!

Over the years, stainless becomes more and more difficult to clean. In fact, since stainless steel is very porous, grease and dirt adhere to it easily. Fortunately, there is ProtoPoliTM, a treatment exclusive to Brault and Martineau, which is applied directly to the stainless surface of your new or old appliance.

A certified technician goes directly to your home and first cleans of all the general dirt on your appliance. Then, he cleans the stainless steel thoroughly to bring it back to its natural state. Finally, he applies coating of nontoxic micro-polymer to seal the entire stainless surface.

And as strong as stainless steel!

The micro-polymer coating has several advantages: it keeps your stainless steel appliances impeccable, it reduces fingerprints and dirt, it facilitates cleaning, it greatly reduces bacteria and germs, and it puts an end to daily cleaning and abrasive, often expensive products. To clean the surface of your stainless steel appliances after the ProtoPoli™ is applied, simply use a dry microfibre cloth to wipe of fingerprints and other daily marks with ease, or use a slightly damp microfibre cloth to for larger stains.