Washer models : Traditional or high-efficiency?


We’re all familiar with the traditional washing machine with agitator, whose performance has been tried and tested. It allows clothes to be fully immersed for deep soaking and optimum cleanliness. These models, however, use a larger amount of water and require more electricity to operate than HE washers.


HE washers are gentler on clothes, offer better spinning performance, and consume less water and energy.

Front-loading HE washers provide a spin cycle that operates at a very high speed, thus reducing the drying time for laundry loads. Some models are equipped with a stabilization system that minimizes noise during all cycles, while others use steam to improve the quality of the washing. Plus, front-loading washers can be installed under the dryer to maximize space.

Meanwhile, top loading HE washers offer the same washing performance as their front-loading counterparts, but generally have a larger tub. Many models are equipped with a stabilizing system for high-speed spinning, while others offer a waterfall system that circulates the water to deeply soak all the items. The steam option, however, is more rare for this type of washer.